Work Package 5

Integrated assessment for industrial scale-up

Lead beneficiary: IFPEN
Other contributors: SINTEF Energy Research, TSINGHUA, TOTAL, DONGFANG
Work package title: Integrated assessment for industrial scale-up
Start month: 13 (November 2018)
End month: 57 (June 2022)


  • To develop a process model for prediction of full-scale CLC reactor system performance
  • To carry out the required system level process simulation, including purification of unconverted fuel
    and unburnt CO and H2
  • To undertake techno-economic studies of an industrial CLC-CCS unit, including integration with CO2 transport systems

Description of work:

CHEERS employs a multi-scale approach to modelling the CLC reactor system. The integrated assessment includes modelling the reactor from process unit level, through the plant, site and network levels based on the molecular and fluid phase modelling performed in WP3. The integrated assessment refers to the integration of the multi-scale process models and the economic models to perform a consistent techno-economic assessment.