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About Us

The Bellona Foundation is an independent non-profit organization that aims to meet and fight the climate challenges, through identifying and implementing sustainable environmental solutions. We work towards reaching a greater ecological understanding, protection of nature, the environment and health. Bellona is engaged in a broad specter of current national and international environmental questions and issues around the world.

As one of the world`s biggest political and economic powers, the EU is an important arena to create a better world for our descendants. The EU`s environmental legislation and directives are highly relevant also for Norway, through the EEC. Bellona has been established with an office in Brussels since 1994, the same year Norway voted no in the referendum on EU membership. Bellona Europa here seeks to influence the processes in the EU so that the outcome is beneficial both for people and the environment.

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Role in CHEERS

WP 7 – Knowledge-sharing, communication and dissemination

The necessary flow of information across Work Packages (WP’s) and the embedded tasks must be based on trust and good governance. In this context, knowledge-sharing generally implies internal exchange of relevant topical information. While Bellona will work on timely and consistent internal communication throughout the duration of the project, two major workshops will also be held, one mid- to end-term workshop and one final workshop, both expected to be held at the project location in China. Communication activities will be centered around providing the public with a view of publicly-available project information, as well as support awareness- building and understanding of the technology’s relevance through developing this website and providing timely updates. In this respect, Bellona will also ensure that all publications are appropriately tracked and, to the extent allowed, disseminated on the project’s website.

The purpose of this WP is to provide a virtual service centre for the project to ensure efficient and proper knowledge-sharing and handling of communication and dissemination activities. Public relations and specific dissemination activities will be planned and aligned with the Coordinator (SINTEF) who is leading the WP1. In addition, specific events will be held throughout the duration of the project in order to bring experts together, including internal workshops and/or seminars.


  • To share relevant knowledge regarding experience and policy issues among the partners
  • To promote results to be duplicated in other industries and countries, and communicate why such duplication makes the project relevant for decarbonisation and creating/retaining employment across the economy, i.e. far beyond the project scope
  • To facilitate communication within the consortium and with other relevant EU and
    Chinese networks